When planning a training or morale booster the right items are critical to enhance the content delivered.  This month, Stephanie from Principal Principles and I presented at TEPSA's Summer Conference.  Our presentation was over the release of our new book Morale Magic, 500+ pages of activities, morale boosters, instructional reflections, and social gatherings.  This presentation was upbeat, fun, and competitive (yes competitive).  The 1000+ audience was split into two teams to compete with activities presented throughout the hour.  A key component when planning this presentation was audience interaction.  Without the interaction, the activities would not be the same.  The same concept goes with staff on a campus or in a training.  Audience/staff interaction is the key to a successful training.  

To top your training off, do not forget the music! To find a great playlist that was used during our presentation CLICK HERE. 

After much deliberation between items to use during this presentation, we decided on pompoms and siren whistles as our two big items to distribute to the audience.  These two items are easy to tote, not bulky for the audience to use, and fun to use.  Not only do multi color pompoms look great when waved in the air, they are fairly inexpensive to purchase and can be re-used on a campus if desired as well.  For our presentation we chose white, black and gold pompoms to match our book theme.  School colors can be easily used for back to school trainings in August. 
(*Note* Gold, Silver or any metallic colors are typically priced differently due to the type of material) 
[Purchasing Information: StumpsParty]


After searching the web and not finding a bulk inexpensive kazoo I stumbled upon bulk colorful siren whistles.  These were great because they are small and loud! These whistles can be purchased from Amazon and at a great price (.33 cents each)!  The siren whistles will be packaged 1 dozen to a pack so to prepare for our presentation I unpackaged all individual sacks and put into one large bag for easy distribution. There are also Lip Shaped Siren Whistles that I have used at previous events are are fun and generate the same LOUD sound. 


  • Various Party Whistles
  • Kazoos
  • Squeaky Pool Toys
  • Spirit Clappers
  • Beach Balls
  • Balloons
  • Rally Rags
  • Sunglasses
  • School Spirit Leis
  • Small Megaphones 




ebook by Stephanie McConnell & Christine Bedre

Written by two current school leaders, Morale Magic offers a variety of monthly activities to implement with staff, new teachers, mentors, during professional learning, or the monthly staff meeting.  Make planning for 2018-2019 simple by using ready-to-implement activities!  
Our goal is not to only share morale-boosting ideas with you for each month of the year, but to create easy-to-implement experiences so action can start quickly.  Whether you are a new leader or seasoned wanting to throw out a new trick up your sleeve, we want this to be simple for you by giving you the tools in hand to get started right away.  Each month, we will give at least three morale-boosting activities to implement. The intensity ranges from low, medium, and high. This will help guide educational leaders as they plan their months though the Action Planning worksheet.

About the Authors

I, Christine Bedre, serve as an assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction in East Texas.  In 2014, I began my educational leadership adventure.  My passion is to assist the growth of newcomers in both teaching and leadership roles by developing best teaching practices, curricula choices, and data assessments to support authentic student learning.  I hope you enjoy my vision and can use it as you create your dynamic school culture.
In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my sweet family and watching my young children grow.  Additionally, I like to share curriculum with other educators through my blog, The Pickled Principal.

Christine and her husband, Brian, have two children - Buck and Brighton.

You can contact Christine at pickledprincipal@gmail.com.

I, Stephanie McConnell, serve as an elementary principal located in Northeast Texas. I started my journey as a school leader in 2005. I’m inspired to bring value to other school leaders through my love of leading and teaching.  It has always been my aim to create a school culture and climate where students, teachers, and community members feel welcomed and a part of the school.  In order to have a great school, it starts with me- the school leader.  I believe in doing the work I love.  I hope to inspire you along the way.

When I’m not at school, I am a blogger and content creator.  I love sharing a day in the life of a principal on the blog Principal Principles.

Stephanie and her husband, Brent, have three children- Ashley, Aaron, and Allison.  
You can email Stephanie at principalprinciples@gmail.com.

Click Here to read more about the authors, preview the book, and see monthly activities. 


Senior Graduation Ticket


Graduation is a fun, memorable experience that all students and staff look forward to all year.  With that being said it is also a hectic time of the year where educators are completing a variety of task needed before the last day of school all while students are still present on campus.  Crossing all T's and dotting all I's can be a donating task.  The fear of a student graduating and not having 'business' taken care of is always in the back of all secondary educator's minds; therefore, I created a senior checklist.  The graduation ticket process helped me tremendously when working with senior students.  We would meet the Monday before graduation typically in the campus cafeteria to discuss the 'graduation ticket' reasoning, expectations, and pass out to all eligible graduating students.  Before allowing students back to class, students would write their name on their ticket and fill in their class periods (bottom of the page). *Hint - Make sure pens are available when meeting with seniors*  Students were given a deadline to have the ticket returned to me, typically the day before graduation practice.  The process helped ensure ALL students had paid fines in multiple areas, completed any attendance hours owed, returned anything borrowed from teachers such as calculators, personal books for assignments, and well let's not forget course content work.

The document comes with three pages each with a different title depending on what you would like to name the process.  

Document Titles:

1) Senior Check Out
2) Graduation Ticket
3) Golden Ticket


I recommended to uploading the document to Google Drive and use the fantastic DocHub extension to edit the graduation ticket.  This extension will allow you to add names of professional staff, return date, and student names if desired.  Using this method now makes your Graduation Ticket document editable each school year. 

Disclaimer - ensure you are selecting the correct page when printing.  When printing select page 1 of 1, page 2 of 2, or page 3 of 3 depending upon what ticket you would like to use in your school.

I highly recommend printing the document on a bright colored card stock that is easy for students to keep up with and bright for them to find in their notebooks, backpack, car.... well you get the point.  Order Astrobright color card stock through Amazon or find at your local office supply store.