Social Media Imaging Package for the 2021-2022 School Year


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Administrators, do you currently know the status of all of your teacher's certifications? Need help tracking your teacher's certificates to ensure everyone is placed correctly? 

Check out my teacher certification tracker to help both campus or district administrators with state certifications. I love this option because it helps me in multiple ways see a campus or possibly the district in one location vs searching each teacher when a question comes up!

This tracker includes:

  1. Current grade level taught
  2. Current content area taught
  3. If the teacher is currently state certified
  4. If the teacher is in an EPP program (EPP - educator preparation program) & the name of the program
  5. Certification area (all certifications presently held or aspiring to have)
  6. Contract term (Probationary, Term, DOI) for easy remembering when recommending contracts to the district administration or school board.
  7. Notes regarding the teacher's position/certification 

Knowing teachers currently held certificates AND the expiration dates are critical as sometimes they do laps (OhO). Lastly, this tracker has the current contract your teachers are on. When renewals come up, it is easy for identification for recommending new contracts to your district administration or school board. It is imperative to know when teachers are switching from probationary to a term when recommending contracts for the upcoming year!  District personnel can use this for each campus by copying the tab at the bottom and renaming for each campus within the district. Share with your campus principals to keep updated.

Click HERE to get your tracker, get organized, and get a head start on the 2020-2021 school year!



With the fast movement and pivoting of instruction the past year, the thought continued to come in, which was "How do we provide quick and easy professional development (PD) that can be taken and used immediately?" I had heard of PD posters being used with catchy names and shared this thought with my amazing instructional coaches during a meeting in fall. After much brainstorming together and looking at works that rhymed with PD and had the meaning of fast and easy, one (Amanda) coach threw to the word PINCH, and we all loved it!! PD in a PINCH - easy, fast, and to the point. From there we starting targeting programs used in high frequency as well as commonly asked questions by the teaching staff. 

I intend on posters to rotate every month, highlighting 2-3 skills that can be accomplished in 1 - 3 clicks of a button. The idea is that teachers can take a picture of the skill they want and have it with them step-by-step when they are working on using it as a reference. Also, to expose simple tasks that can be performed in programs the district currently utilizes (not adding new programs for staff to learn). Location is critical for this resource. For us, we all decided in our meeting that the best place would be the lounge areas for our teachers. Many of the lounges across the district have the coffee area, restroom, copy machine, and teacher mailboxes giving it a centralized location for most all staff to pass through at some point or another. As we develop posters, I intend to add them here for your use.  For easy use in editing I have uploaded our poster into Canva. 


Option 1: Poster Size - This is the option we chose. If your campus or somewhere in the district has a poster printer (as we do - SHOUT OUT to our Elementary Campus - Whoohoo), this is a GREAT option! Print a copy without borders, then scan into the machine! If this is not an option for you, many printing companies, both in person or online, can be utilized.

Option 2: Paper Size - This option may be great if a poster printer is not available, AND your campus printing budget could be depleted at this point. (Side note: possibly consider transferring money from your travel budget here as that is pretty non-existent at this point.) You could print a few to hang in campus desired areas, put on lunch tables in the lounge, put in teacher mailboxes, or have agendas/sing in sheets if you have in-person staff meetings. 

Option 3: Virtual - This option we will use as well. Monthly I put out a Teaching and Learning SMORE to our teachers in the district, highlighting great techniques utilized, accomplishments, and quick resources or reminders of programs the district currently has to assist with instruction. In this SMORE, the link to our PD in a PINCH will be embedded. If you are holding virtual meetings, this would be a great option to link to an agenda, pull up for a Pocket PD (5 minute PD overview), or even your campus SMORE. 

Whichever way you utilize the PD in a PINCH, you will impact your staff and help grow their knowledge, which is the key to student success. Please see the sharing file information below. 


Recommended Poster Size: 12 X 16

Canva link to edit: At this link, you will want to use your canvas account to add your own Bitmoji and contact information, plus your district/campus logo. 

Whichever way you utilize the PD in a PINCH, you will impact your staff and help grow their knowledge, which is the key to student success. Good Luck, and see the sharing file information below. 

Step 1 - Open Link below in your Canva account.  ---> File link: CLICK HERE
Step 2 - Click File and MAKE A COPY (this is a VERY VERY IMPORTANT step!)
Step 3 - Add your admin Bitmoji's to the bottom and contact person
Step 4 - Save to your Canva account and print

Canva link to NO Editing: This link you will print or save the poster for useCLICK HERE

Good Luck and share pictures of your posters with my on social media! I would love to see them!