My One Word for 2018 is BALANCE! 

It was rather easy this year picking my #oneword previously I have struggled to know what I should choose but want to focus on something else.  This year there was no ignoring the word it is Balance!

I like to believe I do a reasonably OK job at juggling the 500 plates in the air all while trying to sleep at times, and throw new plates into the spinning rotation but as the years continue to pass I feel it is the most important for me to indeed focus on balancing life! 

One may see this photo as a random pineapple on a rock; another may see it as silly - why would a pineapple be on a strayed rock?  I was very drawn to this photo when creating my #oneword for 2018 for many reasons.  First, we may not have the whole picture.  The stack of rocks may be under an enormous pineapple tree with a full branch of pineapples and by which one fell and was caught by the wonderfully stacked stones.  (What a saving Grace!)  Next, I see a sweet fruit - one that is typically enjoyed by most possibly about to endure a massive tropical storm.  It will take a lot of balance and hard work to stay on the rocks above the rising water.  Finally, I saw PEACE.  Peace the storm is over, peace that the day is coming to an end with the beautiful sun setting behind the pineapple, and peace that the pineapple survived showing the world everything is going to be OK!

So, as I embark on 2018 - Balance is my life. Balancing everything, everyone, and every event to ensure time is split equally but remembering at the end that it is important to dedicate the time to where it is needed most.

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