Priority - Focus - PBMAS Goal Flip Book

A hot topic for the 2017-2018 school year has been and continued to be Priority/Focus campuses as well as PBMAS.  Approximately 350 campuses were identified priority while a some 700 are recognized as a focus campus.  With the abundance of schools that are aware of their label, it is readily apparent that a handy tool is needed for general communication as well as the implementation of the district/campus plan once the correct processes are complete.  Reflecting on this though, the collaboration of leadership teams it became apparent that often as educators we make plans transfer to required documents but never share with appropriate team members to help implement to its fullest every day.  This lead to the creation of the plan flip book.  

Each individual goal page is customizable but pre-made to easily copy and paste in your district/campus information. 

It is no secret that I LOVE FLIP BOOKS!  I have made them for just about anything! Often spreadsheets can become confusing and well an overlooked document as we continue to pass out to our colleagues.  That is where a handy-dandy flip book comes into play.  This pre-made template makes sharing campus/district plans efficient by breaking down the goals into short condescended sections clarifying each goal's purpose as well as the root cause and strategy. 

Administrators and team members can now take their flip book into planning meetings, use as a reference when analyzing data, continue to reflect upon when making campus/classroom intervention plans, as well as have on their bulletin board by the desk for easy access.   This book could easily be transformed one step further for administrators who want to focus in on three specific campus goals during the spring of 2018. 

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