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Often after a long break, some are excited to return to work while others are going through the motions as the routine begins to warm back up.   After many good memories made during Christmas/winter break, how do we as educational leaders re-boost our morale?  More or less my questions are 'have we thought about this topic upon returning to campus,' and 'how do we ensure a positive start to the week?'
While brainstorming after our first few days back, it is apparent that a little 'something' can go a long way with our staff.  Boosting spirits, excitement, as well as overall gratitude can add to a positive start and engagement of all on campus.  I created a quick general tag for you to attach with any treat of your choice.  (See photo below) Twinkie, donuts, free coupon to the soda/snack machine, bag of chips, or of course CHOCOLATE!

This small activity is not just for teachers - office staff members, administration office, specific department employees, as well as students within a class!  How exciting would that be! There are two options with this activity.  Option 1: page one of the document consist of four tags to a page for easy bulk printing and cutting.  Recommendations would be to sign in the space below the greeting on the original before copying.  Option 2: page two of the document consist of one large print out to hang in the lounge, office, gathering area where you are displaying your treats.  Like option 1 - administrators/directors should sign in the empty are to add extra personalization. Have fun with your freebie and enjoy your first week back! Here's to an awesome spring semester!

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