Why Pickled?

WOW! It is here! 

I have spoken on creating a blog for over a year now even creating the account, but here it is!  This adventure is new and exciting but most importantly rewarding to share information with colleges in education! 

So a few are probably wondering by now 'Why Pickled?' Well... last year a friend and I were speaking the topic of blogs.  They discussed their name on the blog, and my response was "I would name mine the Picked Principal!" Of course, they had the same reaction as you and asked: "Why?"  As expected, educational leaders throughout tend to have different leadership styles.  Some do not always show their emotions while on others it is readily apparent.  One may be super innovative while the other is fine with how things are running in the status quo.  Leadership styles could be described as sweet, salty, spicy or sour while others are hot, dill, or chilled.. well you get the idea now.  So, as I embark on this adventure I know not every administrator will not always portray the consistant sweet or spicy but perhaps collectively have all of the pickle types within one day! 

Now is where my curriculum blog comes in handy!  The idea is for this blog to highlight innovative ideas, suggestions, or structures that leaders are currently using that WORK when dealing with curriculum! As mentioned above not every leadership style is the same just as not all students learn the same.  It is imperative to continue to find the correct techniques to make all students successful! 

So my question is......  What type of leader are you? 

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