5 Activities to Kickstart National School Counseling Week, Feb. 5-9, 2018

The National School Counseling Week is February 5-9, 2018 so my question is.... Are you prepared?   If not, don't fret here are five fun activities to hold this week to make your counselor feel extra special and show the community how amazing they truly are!   Here are a few freebies and web-based resources to make your counselors feel appreciated as you kickstart your week!

1) Give a Gift
We all love a gift! Run out and grab your counselors a quick gift or treat.  Office plants, candy, and of course lunch could serve as an awesome surprise to their day.  Use the free printable card to put with your gift signed by administration, office staff, and teachers.
2) Student Activity
Counselors work with students day in and out so why not let your students express their appreciation?
Set up a table during lunch to have students write 'thank you' notes to the counselor.  Grab a basket or jar to collect responses.  The following activity has a few sentence stems/examples to get students thinking of what to write along with pre-made slips for students to write on.  Create a few samples to display for students to view. Top your table off with fun colored flair pens for creativity and candy -  I can say the students will love you!  To up the excitement have the art department create a banner for students to sign and play music during lunch to draw attention to the table.

3) Daily Announcements
Do you have daily announcements planned for next week?  See the morning announcements link for pre-prepared announcements for 2018 as well as previous years announcements.  Chose different students each day to read the announcements.  At the end of the week give the counselors a copy of the announcements signed by each student.

4) Press Release
Have you bragged to the community about your counselors lately?  The American School Counselor Association website has a sample press release to tailor to your specific campus and counselor.  Send it in with a few photos of your counselor alone with student quotes to make their week extra special. Click here to download a sample press release.

5) Certificate of Appreciation
Print this free pre-made certificate and present to your counselor with their gift or during a celebration planned during the week.

Happy Celebrating.

Click here to download the free student activity and counselor cards.
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