5 Easy Ideas to Surviving Valentine's Day on Campus

Valentine's Day rapidly approaches each year filling our students full of sugary snacks.  As the years press on finding easy, fun, and well sometimes candy-free treats can become a difficult task.  Depending upon the age of children along with interest, likes, and well let's be honest parents - the number of students in a classroom = the number of snacks/Valentine cards/drink pouches well you get the gist, in a box can complicate your purchasing needs.  As I prepared for this beautiful holiday, one of my favorites, by the way, I wanted to share a few quick treat preparations to take care of everyone from students to staff.

1) The Beloved Valentine Box......
O the beloved Valentine box.  We love it, we hate it, we... well do it every year.  This year my son had a difficult time deciding on an exact box.  Before I let him run free on Pinterest with ideas that may not only cost me a fortune in supplies but could be time consuming, and maybe even an epic failure.  After much deliberation between Spider-Man, Bat-Man, and a 3-D image of some dinosaur, we settled on an old-school approach with a new spin using resources we had at home.  What is that you ask? Well it is a Mail Box.....Literally. The good ol' blue mailbox with the pull down handle to feed your mail at the post office parking lot.  He was SO excited when we began working on this project.  Our project was approximately 30 minutes start to finish and we only purchased one item = solid blue metallic wrapping paper.

Not only is this an easy project for you to take on with your children, but students as well.  How cute would this be sitting outside the principal's office or on the secretaries desk on valentines day for students to deliver their treats?

Materials Needed:
  • Shoe Box (Adult size will allow for more items)
  • Blue Wrapping Paper (I purchased from Hobby Lobby)
  • Box Cutter
  • Regular Tape
  • Duck Tape (Silver)
  • Scissors
  • 2-3 Extra Cardboard Pieces (Will cut to size)
  • Clear Dry Wall Hanger
  • Silhouette Cameo (Oracle 651) or Copy Paper for Printing Logo

1) Gather Supplies.
2) Use box cutter to create opening for the door.
3) Wrap shoe box like a present.
4) Use box cutter to cut along wrapping paper along the opening in the shoe box
5) Cut two extra cardboard pieces for each side of the door - make the top slanted for easy opening and closure.  (Just cut and work with it until you think it works corretly)
5) Duck Tape the cardboard pieces in place and use a thinner cardboard or heavy card stock to brace the two pieces. Duck Tape this piece to ensure stability. 
6) Cut flag from thinner card stock or cardboard. Have your child color the flag red.
7) Use dry wall hanger to secure flag onto the box
8) Create logo with child's name to put on the front of the box and apply. 
9) Test the flag and mail box opening to ensure proper mobility.

This project is very simple and easy. Use items around your home and have fun! 

2) Valentine's Treats for Students
This year we opted out of the sugary snacks.  We found pre-made valentine cards from Target with 3-D dinosaur animals to tie onto the card for my oldest child.  My younger one is not quite old enough to understand Valentine's day shenanigans; therefore, we went for the never fail Gold Fish snack. This could also be done with Sweetish fish snacks as well.  The fish themed printable gives an easy to cut, sign, and tape on valentine card that takes a few minutes.  There are 12 card to a sheet and each card states: "Happy Valentines Day Glad we are in the same school  - Your Friend."  There is room on the bottom for the child to sign their name.

3) Valentine's Treats for Teachers
Teachers love treats especially on valentines day.  Using a pre-made card to tape/tie onto an easy gift will make their day extra special!  This year I found the never fail cake in a cup. Not only do they get a gift but there are 4 in each box. In other words, this Valentine keeps giving until Spring Break (haha).   Teachers LOVE cake in a cup that can be heated up in a few seconds between classes or on their conference.  

4) Valentine's Treats for Administration
Often as the focus is on teachers as well as students giving oversight to the spectacular administration that works extrememly hard day in and out.  The teacher of teachers, lead learner, modeler, and visionary also deserves a little pick me up while controlling celebrations.  The pre-made printable can be used on their gifts as the teachers.  

5) Valentine's Treats for Staff
As part of continually building up staff morale and modeling servant leadership, Valentine's Day gives another opportunity for the campus administration to give back to their staff.  It may be something as small as a package of candy or as large as a breakfast/brunch/lunch, either way, your team will love it just for the fact of thinking of them on this day and appreciating all that they do.  The same Valentine's Day printable has both tags for teachers/administration and staff. (Side Note: There are 18 two-pack ages of Oreos in a box = Great for the 14, 16, 18 size classrooms)

I hope this helps not only simplify your Valentine's Day preparations but also takes care of all of the loved ones in your life on this joyful holiday.

Link to Administration / Teacher / Staff Printable

Link to Children's Fish Themed Valentine's Day Card Printable

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