Senior Graduation Ticket


Graduation is a fun, memorable experience that all students and staff look forward to all year.  With that being said it is also a hectic time of the year where educators are completing a variety of task needed before the last day of school all while students are still present on campus.  Crossing all T's and dotting all I's can be a donating task.  The fear of a student graduating and not having 'business' taken care of is always in the back of all secondary educator's minds; therefore, I created a senior checklist.  The graduation ticket process helped me tremendously when working with senior students.  We would meet the Monday before graduation typically in the campus cafeteria to discuss the 'graduation ticket' reasoning, expectations, and pass out to all eligible graduating students.  Before allowing students back to class, students would write their name on their ticket and fill in their class periods (bottom of the page). *Hint - Make sure pens are available when meeting with seniors*  Students were given a deadline to have the ticket returned to me, typically the day before graduation practice.  The process helped ensure ALL students had paid fines in multiple areas, completed any attendance hours owed, returned anything borrowed from teachers such as calculators, personal books for assignments, and well let's not forget course content work.

The document comes with three pages each with a different title depending on what you would like to name the process.  

Document Titles:

1) Senior Check Out
2) Graduation Ticket
3) Golden Ticket


I recommended to uploading the document to Google Drive and use the fantastic DocHub extension to edit the graduation ticket.  This extension will allow you to add names of professional staff, return date, and student names if desired.  Using this method now makes your Graduation Ticket document editable each school year. 

Disclaimer - ensure you are selecting the correct page when printing.  When printing select page 1 of 1, page 2 of 2, or page 3 of 3 depending upon what ticket you would like to use in your school.

I highly recommend printing the document on a bright colored card stock that is easy for students to keep up with and bright for them to find in their notebooks, backpack, car.... well you get the point.  Order Astrobright color card stock through Amazon or find at your local office supply store. 

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