ebook by Stephanie McConnell & Christine Bedre

Written by two current school leaders, Morale Magic offers a variety of monthly activities to implement with staff, new teachers, mentors, during professional learning, or the monthly staff meeting.  Make planning for 2018-2019 simple by using ready-to-implement activities!  
Our goal is not to only share morale-boosting ideas with you for each month of the year, but to create easy-to-implement experiences so action can start quickly.  Whether you are a new leader or seasoned wanting to throw out a new trick up your sleeve, we want this to be simple for you by giving you the tools in hand to get started right away.  Each month, we will give at least three morale-boosting activities to implement. The intensity ranges from low, medium, and high. This will help guide educational leaders as they plan their months though the Action Planning worksheet.

About the Authors

I, Christine Bedre, serve as an assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction in East Texas.  In 2014, I began my educational leadership adventure.  My passion is to assist the growth of newcomers in both teaching and leadership roles by developing best teaching practices, curricula choices, and data assessments to support authentic student learning.  I hope you enjoy my vision and can use it as you create your dynamic school culture.
In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my sweet family and watching my young children grow.  Additionally, I like to share curriculum with other educators through my blog, The Pickled Principal.

Christine and her husband, Brian, have two children - Buck and Brighton.

You can contact Christine at pickledprincipal@gmail.com.

I, Stephanie McConnell, serve as an elementary principal located in Northeast Texas. I started my journey as a school leader in 2005. I’m inspired to bring value to other school leaders through my love of leading and teaching.  It has always been my aim to create a school culture and climate where students, teachers, and community members feel welcomed and a part of the school.  In order to have a great school, it starts with me- the school leader.  I believe in doing the work I love.  I hope to inspire you along the way.

When I’m not at school, I am a blogger and content creator.  I love sharing a day in the life of a principal on the blog Principal Principles.

Stephanie and her husband, Brent, have three children- Ashley, Aaron, and Allison.  
You can email Stephanie at principalprinciples@gmail.com.

Click Here to read more about the authors, preview the book, and see monthly activities. 

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