Opportunity Awaits

Happy Monday!

I have recently read run a new book that quoted Thomas Edison this weekend.  The specific quote above made me think. Think about the challenges.  Think about the change.  Think about the courage.  It is along the same positive thinking methods communicated in Jon Gordon's Energy Bus and Power of a Positive Team.  What is it you ask?  Well, it is an OPPORTUNITY.  So I have thought lately "do we take full advantage of everything as an opportunity or opportunity as positive and view challenges as a headache?"  It is easy to get into the mindset of any question, problem, and/or breath out of the norm should automatically be considered negative instead of examining every angle and embracing the opportunity to correct, collaborate, and continue positive servant work we all do daily.

What is Opportunity?

Opportunity is building relationships.  Opportunity is creating bonds.  Opportunity is learning from moments that we usually would want to pass very quickly.  In other words, Opportunity can be all around us; it is how we view it and take advantage of the situations.  I once heard the quote, and I continue to share this and re-tell myself when I get overwhelmed "Your problem is not your problem; your reaction is your problem."  Often we believe we can be faced with problems but in reality, our reaction is the problem, and we have to take the opportunity to respond positively. Very soon, one may realize they no longer appear to have as many problems as they once believed.

I understand, as educators we are entering this hectic season of testing, training, end of the year concerts, graduations, award banquets, .... well end of the year everything, and also preparation for the 2019-2020 school year (YES, it is a real thing), it is easy to overlook opportunities to grow, improve, and possibly create correct situations that are unknown.


My challenge to you is how are you embracing opportunities tomorrow, this week, or this month?
Are you considering your reaction positive? Evaluate your reactions this week and see if you notice a change.

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P. S. There is an audiobook for any who drive each day to and from work.

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