"The future influences the present as much as the past." 
- Friedrich Nietzsche 

Each year I create a vision board to map out top priorities, focus areas, and give myself a real picture as to where I will focus on energy. At times I also wrap in yearly One Word into the board, giving it extra meaning. Vision board can be new and modern using a digital approach or traditional poster board style. Below are three easy steps to create a quick 2020 digital vision board over your Christmas break, giving a laser focus upon starting the new year.


There are various APPS and picture collages available to use for creating your digital vision board. Search your APP store for options that fit your lifestyle or purpose. Here are three very easy to use APPS that are easy to manipulate quickly.

1. Corkulous
    Not only can you add pictures but also works and lines to tie concepts together on your board.

2. iWish
    Vision boards are not the only use, but short-term goals can be set here with visuals. [Update to     
    the pro for $3.99]

3.  VISUAPP Vision Board
     Create a vision board, dream maps, gratitude journals, group goals into categories, and set        
     reminders to help focus on the goals.

Once you have decided on the APP that fits your need, download and begin step two.


To begin the second step of setting your desired vision, start with heavy secluded self-reflection regarding the 2019 year. There are excellent power and benefit in questioning yourself as well as marking down answers. Pondering points may include:

  • List all accomplishments?
  • What went well?
  • Areas for personal growth?
  • What could be improved?
  • Was there anything left unfinished?
  • Were any goals not achieved?

After reflection on the 2019 year, take time to review what was written and begin the forward-thinking to the 2020 year. Two resources I recommend would be PowerSheets and The Exceptional Skills websites to help you formulate your 2020 goals. 

  1. Cultivate What Matters company assists with goal setting binders, sheets, and resources to reach your goals. Right now, they are offering their free Ebook called Seven Best Goal Setting Hacks for FREE. I have used and love their PowerSheets collection, as you may have seen on my Instagram story.

  1. Blog author Thomas R. Harris discusses goals and questions to ask when discovering and writing goals you would like to accomplish (CLICK LINK HERE FOR HIS GOAL ARTICLE)

Once your goals are set, you can now begin step three. 


Now that you have your desired APP and goals written down and set for the 2020 year, it is time to create your vision board! Begin looking for pictures that link as a visual to each one of your goals. Upload them to your vision board APP and arrange to your liking. Finally, add your objectives in word or statement form. Some prefer, myself included, to stick with pictures versus words; however, either way, it is your choice!

The most important aspects to remember are to reflect on the past year, think forward to the new year, and focus your energy on the positives that you want to create in your life! 


Below is my vision board for 2020.  I am continuing a few goals from 2019 after much reflection and adjusting my routine to create more focus in specific areas of my life. I wish you the best of luck as you start new goals, refine current practices, and embark on the 2020 new year!

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