Let's Have FAITH: One Word 2021

In 2019, I found it challenging to find a One Word to guide me through 2020. What a sign that was! I wanted to force a word to be mine to live by and what I have learned is this is a natural process that should be authentic. About February of 2020, my word continued to come to me, and I finally accepted it - - PRAY. When my mother was in the beginning stages of battling sporadic cancer, finding a doctor for treatment felt like a challenge and overwhelming. Ofter times, I found myself in a tailspin between my family, work, and assisting my mother and father with her battle.  I began focusing my efforts on prayer for her, for myself, my family, and asking others to pray for us as well. Little did I know this would shift into my work life and all aspects of my life. December 2020, we finally received the news after 13 long months that she was cancer FREE! To be very honest, she is a MIRACLE and the work of prayer. I knew right away in 2021 that my 2019 word pray would continue and that I needed to have FAITH in life, processes, and callings. 

Do not over-analyze. 

Do not question. 

Do not lack courage. 

Have faith, pray, and accept! 

Happy 2021 my PLN, and I hope you all have a little FAITH this school year! 


Check out this small desk calendar that I use as my family organizational calendar. Add a magnet strip to the back and pop it on the refrigerator!

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