I'll start with this phrase, "Ok, FRIENDS, let's talk Reading Academies." 😁{Big SMILE}😁

Besides COVID-19, the buzz of the 2020-2021 school year has been HB3 Reading Academies. What are the academies? How do they work? Who has to attend? What about elective teachers? Do we go through the academy after taking the Science of Teaching Reading exam? What happens after the three years? Wait... WHAT? .... Three years? 

Ok, I'll stop now. 😂 But on a serious note, this is probably 10% of questions that have been asked in the 2019-2020 and the 2020-2021 school year regarding reading academies. Many schools opted to delay the start of academies in their districts due to COVID-19. Thus, they are now embarking on the journey as they enter year two of the mandate.  Knowing this has led me to develop a series of HB3 Reading Academies blog postings to guide you through each step of the way. 

HB3 Reading Academies series postings will include: 

  • Reading Academies Content Overview: Everything You Need to Know.
  • Comprehensive vs. Blended: Which Reading Academies Model Should Your District Choose?
  • Your District Should Consider A Cohort Leader and Here's Why.
  • How to Quickly Implement HB3 Reading Academies in your District
  • The Science of Teaching Exam: What is it and the Link to the HB3 Reading Academies.

This specific blog will give a simplistic question-answer style breakdown of the reading academies from a zoomed-out view. Knowing what is to come, let's get started with a few basic questions to guide you through general knowledge regarding the HB3 Reading Academies.



1. What are HB3 Reading Academies? 

The Texas Reading Academies came from House Bill 3 initiative from the 86th Legislation Session. 

2. What does the HB3 statue include?

HB3 Reading Academies statute states: All kindergarten through third-grade teachers and principals must begin the Texas Reading Academies developed training before the school year 2022-2023. 

3. What is the purpose of the HB3 Reading Academies?

Ultimately, this statute aims to increase teacher knowledge and implementation of evidence-based practices to increase student literacy achievement in Texas.

4. Do teachers and principals participate in the same academy?

The HB3 Reading Academies content tailors to teachers and principals. 

5. What are the pathways for the HB3 Reading Academies?

  1. General and Special Education Teachers (English Language Arts)
  2. Bilingual General Education Teachers and Bilingual Special Education Teachers (Biliteracy)
  3. Administration (principals and assistant principals + possible other leadership on campus)

6. How do I implement HB3 Reading Academies required training in my district?

Districts will need to select how they wish to train their teachers. TEA has given two pathways for consideration.

  1. The Blended Pathway
  2. The Comprehensive Pathway

7. Are the HB3 Reading Academies linked to the new Science of Teaching Reading Exam?

Yes, in looking at the content of the HB3 Reading Academies, modules are set up to teach evidence-based reading methods that best support reading development.

Now that we have addressed the bones of the HB3 Reading Academies, you are ready to press forward in learning content, models, and becoming a well-informed district/campus administrator.

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